The Caring Church Response is the process that I walk churches through to create sustainable care ministries that transform communities and strengthens your church. 

This is really about creating a culture of care in your church rather than building a specific program.  

Programs consume resources, where culture strengthens resources. 

In this episode, I want to walk you through the 4 steps of the Caring Church Response.  This is the process that I do with clients. Churches that want to revitalize their care ministry.  Churches that see a hurting community and know they are called to serve but don’t know how to build a sustainable ministry that doesn’t burn out their leaders and volunteers.


4 steps of the Caring Church Response

The 4 steps of the Caring Church Response gathers the data for you to make strategic choices, it tends to the weariness of the team, Builds the capacity of the team and grows your community impact.



It’s discovering what are the needs of your community, the strengths and vision of your church and assessing the well-being and levels of your team.

Recognizing is a valuable step that will inform your leadership and give you the necessary information to begin building a culture of care in your church

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Restoring is all about tending to the needs of the leaders so that when they begin to serve others they are doing it from a place of overflow and health, rather than from a place of duty and obligation.

Restoring and tending to your team is necessary and it builds a strong foundation and expands your team’s capacity and longevity in ministry



Resourcing is about offering training, coaching and support that helps you and your team feel equipped to care for the community.

One of the most common things I hear is that people don’t feel equipped to meet the complex needs of their congregation and community.  They feel overwhelmed and they don’t know where to start. 

 When you offer training and invest in your team they will feel confident and competent in their skills.



Reach is really all about implementation and developing sustainability in your care ministry.  It’s about walking through the practical steps that create a successful care ministry.

Imagine if your church is known within your community as a leader in care,  a partner in supporting the community.  The go-to place for those who are reconnecting to their faith.  Your church will then find itself at the table with community leaders, your influence and reach will grow. Your community will be transformed by your church having a culture of care

When your church knows the needs of the community, understands their strengths. They are refreshed and serving out of abundance, and offering skilled care to their fellow members, not only does this release the pastors from the crippling pressure to meet all the needs of the church, but it cultivates an authentic culture of care.  Which transforms communities.

But regardless if you are able to work with me I encourage you to consider these 4 steps, Recognizing, restore, resource and reach when building or revamping your care ministry 



I’m sharing the caring church response because these 4 steps (RECOGNIZE, RESTORE, RESOURCE & REACH) allows you to develop a culture of care, tend to the hurting in your church and grow your reach in your community, without burnout out your teams

You can walk this path on your own, or I am able to work with you and support you through this journey. 

If you are interested in working together you can CLICK HERE to book a free 15 min discovery call



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