The holidays The holidays bring stressful moments.

It doesn’t matter if you have a hallmark life or if you are someone struggling with loss, anxiety or depression. There are times when you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and even sad.

So often when we think about Christmas what comes to mind are those scene’s from holiday movies. Joy filled events, family meals, and everyone smiling and their favorite Christmas traditions.

But that it’s the case for everyone.

For those of you who are struggling to enjoy this holiday season be rest assured that you’re normal. There is an expectation to feel joyful, excited. But that’s not the reality of everyone’s life. So in the video above we share;

5 quick tips on how to get through those challenging moments.


1. Be honest with your feelings.

Don’t hide, stuff, and deny how you are truly feelings.  So often we suppress our feelings and push them down and that only makes them worse! Taking a quick moment to realize that I’m feeling frustrated, angry, worried or nervous helps us be able to do something about it.


2. Plan ahead and schedule in those self-care moments.

Whether it’s a bath, craft, walk, music or making your favorite food. Think ahead and schedule in those self-care moments and treat them like an appointment with a friend. Don’t ditch your them last minute because you don’t feel like getting off the couch, but follow through with your date with yourself.


3. Change your mind.

Get out of your head and put your mind on something else i.e. spend quality time with others, go for a walk/get active, give of your time, talents, and energy


4. Eat, sleep, move and connect.

Try to do these things every day. They seem super basic but they are the building blocks of well-being. Too often we don’t take people up on their offer “ hey call me anytime” But let me tell you that isn’t an empty offer, they really mean it. Connect with a phone or video call or even better go for a walk together. But everyday your body and mind need food, sleep to move and to connect.


5. Try something new.

Go somewhere new, search for something new, meet someone new, create something new.

I encourage you to use these ideas if you find yourself struggling or feeling down during the holidays. Or if you are a pastor or caregiver these are great tips to pass along to those who come to you for support.

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