About Hope Made Strong

Hope Made Strong, is an organization dedicated to equipping leaders with the mental health resources needed to create resilient individuals and churches with knowledgeable and confident leadership.

Approximately, 43.8 million people per year experience some kind of mental health concern. Mental illness is not biased and can affect anyone—our neighbors, our friends and even the person you sit beside in church. However, 49% of pastors say they rarely (if ever) speak to their congregation about mental health.

Our churches need to be equipped with the information and tools necessary to properly address the complexities of mental illness. The need is great, but there are very few reputable resources available to pastors that are both effective and reflective of their faith.

23% of pastors have also acknowledged that they’ve personally struggled with a mental illness. What do you do when you, as the leader in the church, find yourself struggling?

Sadly, many pastors suffer in silence, overwhelmed with the stigma surrounding mental illness. This doesn’t have to case.

The church has a central role to play in promoting mental wellness and hope.


Hope Made Strong offers online learning and in-person presentations that create conversations leading to hope, strength, and resilience in leadership. 

By equipping staff and volunteer leaders with practical, scripturally-based strategies that align with proven results in the mental health industry, Hope Made Strong empowers the church to effectively reach and support those who struggle with mental health.