Today’s Bonus episode is all about The Mental Health Sunday Resource Pack and how to get the most out of this incredible resource. 

We are going to walk through the three sections and I’ll identify what each component is and how you can get the most value out of it so that it will serve your church, community and your team,


The Mental Health Sunday resource is a FREE done-for-you resource that gives you everything you need to promote, prepare, present and engage with your church on the topic of mental health.  




Mental Health Sunday – Website



Why it’s important to talk about Mental Health from the stage

May is mental health awareness month and it’s a great opportunity to talk about mental health from the stage.  

While talking about mental health from the pulpit may take you out of your comfort zone it does 4 things that are critical for people. 

  1. Stigma is broken,
  2. People feel that they belong and are validated,
  3. Create a safe place for people to seek support and
  4. Offer hope in a situation that has been dark hidden.  


Proverbs 18:21 says.  There is life in the power of the tongue.  The words you speak from the pulpit can bring light and life to all those who listen.  It could be the first time anyone was able to put words to what their soul has been desperate for.  

So ministry leaders it is vitally important to talk about mental health from the pulpit.  And if you don’t know where to start. This is what the Mental Health Sunday is for.

This resource pack, a free resource pack might I add, gives you everything to promote, prepare, present and engage with people around the theme of Building Resilience, Strengthening Hope.  

You go to MentalHealthSunday.com to register and can either choose the free version or the premium, the difference is that you get the working files in the premium option allowing you to edit in photoshop and customize it for your church.  


Once you can log in the pack is split up into 3 different sections.  

  1. Digital Assets
  2. Service Resources
  3. Engagement Strategies. 


Digital Assets include social, video and services assets. Once you pass this on to your communications team they will thank you.  This is the section that is most useful with the premium pack.  You get the wrokign files so you can change the pictures to show your people, you can insert your location and time details.


Social assets:

      • 9 different posts, that give you options for promotion, countdown, and quote templates. 
      • 9 stories 
      • 9 image carousel
      • Adobe working files are available with the premium pack

Video assets:

      • 2-minute countdown
      • Motional title
      • Bumper video
      • Series trailer

Service Assets:

      • Slides – three designs
      • lower third (premium pack)




If you don’t have training or experience in mental health then it can be tricky to develop a Sunday message on the topic.   How do offer hope, practical takeaways, and Bible-based teaching on a topic that isn’t explicitly discussed in the Bible?  How do you equip and encourage people with little training in the area of Mental Health?  

To get the most out of the Resource Pack I encourage you to reflect and pray about the topic Building Resilience, Strengthening Hope.   Rather than turning your Sunday service into a mental health 101 class, the approach is focused more on equipping and prevention. 

The second section of the Mental health Sunday Resource pack is sermon notes and includes sermon notes, worship assets and a biblically-based mental health research tool.


Sermon notes:

      • Sermon notes
      • Recording
      • Transcript
      • Workshop recording “Theology of Mental Health” by Will Van Der Hart, director at Mind and Soul Foundation From the Church Mental Health Summit.

Worship Resources:

      • New all-original workshop line-up from Movement Worship
      • Chart and lyric sheets
      • Link to tracks from Multitracks
      • Spotify playlist

Research Tool:

      •  Link to Mental Health Access Pack – user-friendly and Biblically-based mental health information




Here there 5 tools that will be used in promotion, service experience and mid-week engagement.


Post Card invitations have been designed and with the premium package, you have access to the working files.  We have also partnered with Mr. Church Marketor on a done for you printing and shipping.

Text Workflow:

Text In Church has been generous and created an easy button that uploads an engagement campaign to your Text In Church account.  How the workflow is currently set up is that congregants text the word HOPE to your Text In Church number and they will be entered into the sequence that consists of one encouraging text and email per day for the next 7 days.

Congregation Giveaways:

If you are using this Sunday as an outreach opportunity it’s helpful to put something in people’s hands both as a reminder of the message and also as a token from your church.  Keychains outlining the keys to resilience have been created and designed to align with the message of building resilience.  The keychains are made up of 10 tags that offer hopefully messages paired with scripture as a reminder of how to build resilience and strengthen hope.

7-Day Devotional

The devotional covers the 7 keys to building resilience and offers practical take-aways from a Biblical context, with recommended scripture readings.

Small-Group Curriculum

 From Sanctuary Mental Health ministries, The Sanctuary Course is a free eight-part course for small groups designed to raise awareness and start conversations in local churches regarding mental health.  


The Mental Health Sunday Resource pack gives you everything you need to promote, prepare, present and engage people on Mental health.  

As mentioned there are two versions, a Free and premium offer that for only $29 you get the working files to customize to your church. 

I’m so honoured to partner with several mission-minded organizations that are advocates of mental health.  

I hope you use and share this resource with others as we can’t talk enough about mental health right now.  People are struggling and are craving hope.  By talking about building resilience and strengthening Hope on Sunday you are breaking down stigma, offering practical strategies and building community. 



Websites: HopeMadeStrong.org
Socials:  FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube

Join the Church Mental Health Facebook Group! In the Facebook group, we chat about how to care for others, what are your challenges as well as share tons of resources.  This is a great community of pastors, clinicians, and those with lived experience and we want to get to know you.