Get a second chance at

Go from drained, worn-out and stretched beyond capacity to being equipped to negotiate the complex demands and care needs of your church.

Take the quiz to find out how close you are to burning out:

Have you thought to yourself?

i'm Maxed out and overloaded with responsibilities. There's no time to take care of myself.

It feels like Death by a thousand paper cuts. It's the endless problems that wear me down.

I’m pulled in every direction and feel exhausted, bitter, and overwhelmed.

I'm Always on, always caring, always thinking, even at social events. Never Greg, always pastor Greg.

I’m alone facing the intense problems and tragedies in the congregation. Who do I talk to? Who can I trust?

Tired of feeling frustrated and exhausted all the time?

You care passionately about people, but you are feeling worn-out from carrying their burdens.

Are you asking, “How can I get a second chance at…







…without having to walk away from ministry?”

I remember those days when I would come home after a long day supporting and serving people and be faced with more problems. My family, neighbors and friends; the needs never stopped. My patience for my family and friends dwindled and I dove deeper into work.

Maybe, I just need to work a little harder?

The problem was that no matter how hard I strived or how much I sacrificed work became more complicated and more demanding I was becoming desensitized and almost jaded.

Maybe you can relate.

The fuse on my temper became shorter and shorter. My work life began to blend into my home life and the problems and needs continued; death by a thousand paper cuts. The weekly grind was wearing me down.

I often heard people’s well intentioned advice that I needed to work-out, eat better or develop boundaries.

But the time and energy just wasn’t there. There was always something more urgent to attend to. I crashed and the rebuilding caused me to do some incredible self-discovery and learning.

Myth #1:

Nothing is going to change. Being available 24/7comes with the job.

Myth #2:

I don’t have time to consider my own needs. There are too many people relying on me. There are greater needs than my own.

Myth #3:

I don’t have anyone to talk to, no safe place to vent, to get help or encouragement. No one really understands.

Myth #4:

Dealing with all of these people issues is beyond my skillset. It’s overwhelming. Why didn’t I learn this in seminary?

Finding Hope in Helping is a course that equips leaders to manage the growing needs in the church with resiliency.

What is Finding Hope In Helping?

Finding Hope In Helping is an online, self-guided course that builds resilient leaders who are equipped to negotiate the intensifying demands and needs of the church. You will come away with skills to manage your time, self-care, relationships and the challenges of supporting others


What it’s not:

It’s not a sermon that you passively watch. This is a practical course that asks participants to actively engage in life-changing strategies.

It’s not a quick easy magic button, but an opportunity to develop long-term solutions that will build resilience.

This isn’t a trendy feel-good message that rides on the coat-tails of pop-psychology.
You will learn skills, and strategies based on industry best practices and researched principles.

It’s not all about eating kale and exercise. You are building tools and skills that are actually useful in your life.

What’s Included? 

This 4-module (18 lesson) online course includes lesson videos, homework for practical application, online workbook, a downloadable certificate of completion, 1-year online access to the course, live webinars hosted every 6 weeks.

This course is built around practical tools that you can begin to use immediately.

Module 1: A foundation of understanding
  • Goal: Set the foundation and learn the differences between Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Burnout.
  • Workbook (downloadable or fillable online)
  • One-year access to live webinars every 6 weeks.
Module 2: Cost of Caring
  • Identifying the signs, symptoms, triggers and warning signs.
  • Digital self-scoring ProQOL (Professional Quality of Life) Assessment
  • Identifying triggers and warning signs
  • Green, yellow & red scale
Module 3: Taking Stock
  • Taking stock of your current circumstances
  • Activities chart
  • Self-guided reflection questions
  • Contacts template for supportive relationships
  • Identifying strengths exercise
Module 4: Overcoming Compassion Fatigue & Vicarious Trauma
  • Build a tool box of practical strategies that are proactive measures against Compassion fatigue and Vicarious trauma
  • Creating intentional and manageable fitness plan
  • Practical in the moment refocusing techniques
  • Cheat sheet and basic meditation walk-through
  • Link to Christian self-guided meditation app
  • Professional development resource list
  • Sleep Debt Links and references to self-discovery quizzes and assessments
  • Chart identifying strong and weak boundaries
  • Low Impact Debriefing model


“Great pace!  The sessions flew by.  Laura has created interactive sessions that incorporate practical resources and conversation starters.”


Volunteer Leader

“It was great to see relevant examples from the Bible of key people who fell easily (or were on the path to fall) into the trap of a cycle that would lead to burnout and anxiety.”

C. Engberts

Volunteer Leader

The concepts Laura explained were well articulated, practical and gave me practical ways to apply the word of God.”

Thomas Zimmerman

Pastor, Life Church, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

About Me

I’m Laura Howe; 

I’m a mompreneur who is a master at multitasking, and a bit of a clutz. Not the best combination.

I have been working as a registered social worker for 15 years and specialize in mental health, trauma and addictions. Facing difficult stories and a community with never ending needs and tragedies I personally faced burnout and compassion fatigue.

Those were the most difficult 2 years of my life. But what the devil meant to destroy God used for good.

God birthed the idea of bringing the message of hope and His strength to the church as faith leaders are in service to their congregations and communities everyday facing similar tragic stories and needs.

I’d love to hear from you:

Email: laura@hopemadestrong.org

call /text: (833) 467-8764

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m just a volunteer. Is this course for me?

Often times as a volunteer you are on the frontlines of ministry. The go-to for individuals who are struggling. If you find yourself exhausted from serving others and struggle with letting go of people’s stories, and tragedies then you may find that this course provides you the validation, freedom and tools to are needing to continue in serving.


How Much time do I need to commit?

Each lesson consists of a short (4-10min) video and homework outlined in the workbook. The length of the homework varies, but has been designed to fit into your already busy schedule. I would plan on 8-10 weeks to complete the course.

What Prior knowledge do I need to have?

No prior knowledge is necessary. However, the course is based online so basic computer skills are required. I have made the program to be as simple as possible, so anyone who is able to check their email would have all the computer skill necessary.