On the show today we are talking with Michelle Nietert. This is a different kind of episode than I’m used to having and I’m excited to share it with you.   You see, oftentimes when you are an independent counsellor, or the care director it can feel lonely.  It’s rare to find other people like you, someone who is passionate about serving others, supports people through life challenges, Loves Jesus, but still faces life struggles and is open to talking about it.  

I have to admit my conversation with Michelle happened several months ago and I just wasn’t sure I was going to share it with you because number 1 it was one of my first podcast interviews ever so it’s not organized the same way that the rest were and 2 we don’t talk about specific tools or strategies.  But recently I had some time off and I re-listened to the episode and I knew that I couldn’t not share it.






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Michelle’s Podcast: Raising Mentally Healthy Kids

Michelle’s Recommended Resources


How did the challenges that you faced help you grow Resilience 

  • God is my father and I depend on him for love and a sense of identity
  • We have to lean into our pain but there is healing on the other side


In the of serving others, counselling and ministry I continue to face real-life stuff

  •  Being human is okay, God is with us and there is hope 
  • When you learn these lessons yourself it’s amazing to be able to help others go through the same process. 
  • Sitting beside people in pain is the highest privilege 


 We need the church to walk in the community beside people to help them while they 

  • Lay counsellor training is available, but also churches can work in tandem with counsellors to supplement the support offered 
  • We need mentorship and discipleship in the church



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