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As a leader in Care Ministry, you tend to become the go-to person and find yourself anticipating needs that others don’t see, and you take on more and more responsibilities. 

Much as this can give you the whole superhero feel, in the long run, you may face compassion fatigue and wonder why you always feel overwhelmed.

The truth is you cannot do it alone, there is too much on your plate for you to be all things for everyone.

In Episode 73, I share:

  • How leaders  in the care field tend to neglect their own compassion
  • How compassion fatigue actually happens
  • Why self-compassion is important when you work in care capacities
  • The value of delegation and how it can help you reduce the different responsibilities on your plate.




  • Moses, a man who was able to lead the Israelites to freedom and was used by God to perform miracles was not able to solve problems all day by himself.  

  • The work of hearing problems and finding solutions is so great that it was too heavy for Moses to do on his own.

  • You can be that go-to person or the one who people can rely on to get it done but God still doesn’t want you to do it alone. 

  • It’s not possible for you to do it alone

  • Saying no or delegating isn’t a sign of weakness or failure. It’s a sign of leadership.


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