How do I take back my thoughts, mind, and life?

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The first thing to ending the assault is to expose it for what it is.

A lie from the devil. 

See how irrational the thoughts are and remind yourself of the truth. What is a rational explanation for what is happening and what is God’s truth about who I am. This can be easier said than done.

When thoughts become patterns in your life (like my comparison habit) it can quickly be adopted as part of your identity and you begin to view it to be a part of your personality rather than an external attack.

It becomes hard to see the difference between what are distorted thoughts and your God-given personality.

The next step is the hardest for me.

Show yourself love and compassion. 

Say and do to yourself what a friend would do.

Encouragement, compassion, care, and tenderness.

Acknowledge the difficulty and allow for self-care, space, and rest.

This is difficult, especially if you are a task-oriented (like myself), or a people pleaser. Or a combination of the two.

Negative or distorted thoughts are the easiest habits to form. 

Within seconds we believe them as truth. Within minutes we develop a pattern and within days we operate as if they are a part of our personality and DNA.

It takes work and patience to put to practice the tools and skills needed to overcome unhealthy thinking patterns. But with the knowledge of the distorted thought patterns it soon becomes easy to expose and see them as attacks.

In the next few weeks, I will walk through a series of common distorted thinking patterns that the devil uses to try to take the mind and take your life.

I will outline the tools and skills to overcome them so that you can move forward in the life that God intended you to live.

Full of Hope and strong in his purpose.