Each substance or behavior has its own signs and symptoms of addiction.

When you are experiencing addiction, you are drawn to the substance because you are avoiding the bad. The bad could be loneliness, negative thoughts, anxious feelings, withdrawal, or boredom. Or you could be drawn to it because it made you feel good or you craved the high.

One of the key markers of addiction is if your life is negatively impacted in some way, yet you continue to participate. Some are not able to see that their life is negatively impacted, and that is what we call lack of insight.

To properly handle our addictions we need to identify what it is that is negatively impacting your life. Take some time to really consider its negatives. Put on the perspective (glasses) of someone else. Go deep and really feel the pain that it is causing to our relationships, finances, health, and career. If you are looking for help, there are local resources that are available:

1// The Oxford Addiction Walk-In program is a safe, supportive, confidential place for you to get information and ask questions about substance use or abuse and/or problem gambling. Hear options on how to proceed with dealing with your concerns. 2// You can call 211 – where you can access several groups that offer support. 3// CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) has a helpline, and walk-ins on Saturday (outside of COVID-19 restrictions).