The Care Ministry Podcast offers listeners practical resources and actionable strategies to support leader’s well-being, strengthen volunteer teams and equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to care for your community. We will be talking about things like Compassion fatigue, burnout, team development, mental health, grief, trauma, supervision skills and more.   Plus, I’ll be interviewing other practitioners and experts who will authentically share how they overcame challenges and developed best-practice methods of reaching and caring for your church and community. 

I fully believe that the church is on the front lines of supporting people through suffering and challenges.  When we are able to care for others well the church will grow. 

I’m your host, Laura Howe and I’ve spent over 15 years in the is the clinical mental health and community development space.   I started hope Made Strong out of a passion to strengthen the local church to care for those in their community without burning out.

This is a show for the ministry leader who is passionate about supporting their church but doesn’t know where to start or perhaps is overwhelmed by the needs within your community. 

My hope is that your well-being will be strengthened,  you will feel equipped to care for your community and you will build an awareness of the needs of your leaders, and congregation.



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