I’m Laura Howe

Social Worker, Founder of Hope Made strong


Mental Health Resources that build resilient leaders and hope-filled churches

Online Learning

Finding Hope in Helping is a course that equips leaders to overcome compassion fatigue and burnout.

In-person training

Laura brings a fresh voice and practical strategies to create conversations leading to hope, strength, and resilience in staff and volunteer leaders.

Anxiety & Depression

Learn strategies, develop tools, and create a plan for overcoming.

Stress & Burnout

Practical skills to find hope and become empowered, effective and engaged.

Resilience & Anger

Building strength in navigating conflict and adapting to change.

Addictions & Trauma

Relevant information and resources to support recovery and finding purpose.

About Laura

It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way.

I firmly believe that as Christ followers we are uniquely designed and called to fulfill an incredible purpose.

I am passionate about equipping leaders with mental health resources to build resilience and provide hope and strength for themselves and the church.

Life can be messy and we can find ourselves struggling with our mental health, but this doesn’t change God’s love or purpose for us

By combining scripturally-based strategies that align with proven results in the mental health industry, your leadership will receive relevant tools and actionable resources here.


The concepts Laura explained were well articulated and practical.  The group project was time well spent, and gave us all practical ways to apply the word of God.”

Thomas Zimmerman

Pastor, Life Church International, Woodstock

“It was great to see relevant examples from the Bible of key people who fell easily (or were on the path to fall) into the trap of a cycle that would lead to burnout and anxiety.”

C. Engberts

Workshop Participant

“Great pace!  The sessions flew by.  Laura has created interactive sessions that incorporated not just teaching, but practical activities, group discussions, and music.”

Workshop Participant