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Care for your community without burnout

Would you like to develop a culture of care at your church that:

Strengthens your church and expands community impact?

Prevents ministry burnout and cultivates thriving volunteers?

Meets the care needs of congregants without exhausting staff?

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Equip your leaders to transform communities through care

Care Ministry Podcast

Step 1: Listen to the podcast

The Care Ministry Podcast is about equipping ministry leaders and transforming communities through care. 

Listen in as we talk about tools, strategies, and resources that will equip your team and strengthen hope.

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Care Ministry Podcast

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Take the first steps in building a Sustainable Care ministry with our Free Guide: 3 Steps to Building a Sustainable Care Ministry.

It’s necessary to have an intentional care plan for those who are looking to your church for support.

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Care Ministry Podcast

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Cultivate a culture of Care at your church that strengthens your staff team, nourishes your congregation, and impacts your community. 

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Hey there, I’m Laura Howe

I’m a mental health clinician and community development strategist for churches that want to care for their communities without burning out.

Supporting local church leaders to overcome and prevent burnout, create effective and sustainable care ministries and be a beacon of hope for their community is what I love to do!  

I believe that when church leaders are healthy and when congregations are healed and transformed, they are more able to fulfill the gospel mission.

My approach is ideal for leaders who: 

  • are frustrated with the relentless demand from people, yet lay awake at night with concern for their people’s needs.  
  • Dream of being a place of hope for those who are suffering in their community, but don’t know where to start.  
  • See their team unraveling and facing burnout at rates never imagined, and are motivated to be an active part in creating sustainable transformational for their team.

I would be honored to jump on a call with you to talk more about the Caring Church Review and how developing your church’s care ministry and preventing burnout in your teams can grow your church and expand your community influence. 

About Hope Made Strong

It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way.

As Christ-followers we are uniquely designed and called to fulfill an incredible purpose.

Hope Made Strong equips leaders with mental health resources to build resilience and provide hope and strength for themselves and the church.

Life can be messy and we can find ourselves struggling with our mental health, but this doesn’t change God’s love or purpose for us.

By combining scripturally-based strategies that align with proven results in the mental health industry, your leadership will receive relevant tools and actionable resources here.


“The concepts Laura explained were well articulated and practical.  The group project was time well spent, and gave us all practical ways to apply the word of God.”
Thomas Zimmerman

Pastor, Life Church International, Woodstock

“It was great to see relevant examples from the Bible of key people who fell easily (or were on the path to fall) into the trap of a cycle that would lead to burnout and anxiety.”
C. Engberts

Workshop Participant

“Great pace!  The sessions flew by.  Laura has created interactive sessions that incorporated not just teaching, but practical activities, group discussions, and music.”

Workshop Participant