The show today is a flashback to one of the top viewed sessions in our 2020 Church Mental health summit with Jeff Price.

Jeff is the lead pastor at Movement church in my home town Woodstock Ontario Canada woot woot.  And his session on Leading with vulnerability really hit home with a lot of people.   

So often as leaders we can feel like we have to have our life all together.  We can’t look weak, or that we are struggling or overwhelmed.  Because people are coming to us for support and help.  What kind of help would we be if we were a mess.

But, I want to dispel the myth that struggling as a supporter is going to negatively impact the care you offer.  

The research tells us the opposite.  Not only will you likely become more empathetic to the struggles of others,  but by appropriately being authentic with those you support you can offer more effective support. 





There is a mindset that in order to be a leader in the church you need to be perfect

  •  This is unattainable and daunting. 
  • “Fake it till you make it”  is not sound advice for pastors
  • “If you want to be a leader in today’s culture and have an impact on our communities then we need to be authentic and speak to who we really are.”


Why do we need to be vulnerable?

1. People hate fake news.  Nobody is perfect

“People admire strength but they identify with weakness.” 

2. Vulnerability breaks down barriers and offers hope. 

If they can be used by God, maybe I can too.

3. Vulnerability breaks stigma

 When we are authentic about our struggles we are communicating to others that they can do great things for the Kingdom and not be perfect

4. Vulnerability Let’s you have real conversions with people. 

As a leader being vulnerable opens doors for staff to have powerful conversations. 


Leading with vulnerability is Biblical

  •  Paul shares his weakness and calls himself chief among sinners
  • Romans 7:15
  • Being vulnerable allows us to have an impact


Healthy vulnerability inspires people to transformation 

  • We should show our scares not our wounds
  • We need to lead people to hope, not bring people into our own mess.



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