On the show today we talking all about human trafficking with Priscilla Santos and how your local church has an opportunity to be part of prevention while building partnerships and community for some of the most at-risk individuals in your community.





Workshop: Truama Informed Care for Faith Communities

Brave Journal


Experiencing some of the challenges and barriers that those who are impoverished strengthened empathy compassion for those who are marginalized

  • Priscilla’s placements in homeless shelters allowed her to understand firsthand some of the struggles that people faced. 


People are incredibly resilient and have to overcome many barriers to find freedom.

  • Those who are newcomers have so many more constraints and challenges to truly live free.  


Brave a global strategy for the church to prevent human trafficking 

  • 70-80% of those who are trafficked are girls and 60% are those who are currently or have been part of the foster care system. 
  • If traffickers are intentional about luring foster care girls into trafficking, the church be intentional about empowering these young women and preventing trafficking victims.  
  • Brave empowers young women and learns the best strategies to prevent trafficking from listening to them. 


No matter where you live in the US or North American, Human trafficking is likely happening in your area

  • It’s not just an issue for airports, large cities or border towns
  • Human trafficking is not God’s plan for people and the church has a role they can play in preventing and the solution 


How does Brave equip the local church?

  • Brave coaches will work with you in creating a customized approach for your church and community
  • Tools, training and resources are available for churches, but a coach will help you navigate how and where to start so that it is manageable and easy to do. 


Different expressions of Brave global can work for your church

  • Resources for your current group
  • Begin a relationship with your local foster care system 
  • Hosting an event for foster girls that is focused on empowering girls and building trust and relationships with the foster system
  • Brave journals are available for girls to help encourage empowerment. 


Brave is an opportunity for churches to reach out into the community and serve those who are vulnerable in the community 

  •  Building trust and relationships can be as simple of buy a box of donuts. 



Website: BraveGlobal.org

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