On the show today we talking all about Pastor Wellbeing with Marty Sawyers president and CEO of Full Strength Network. We hear how his passion to serve the local church and strengthen ministry leaders has led him through a transitioning from a corporate leader to executive pastoring and now directing Full Strength Network, a membership program for pastors and ministry leaders to get the coaching, counseling and resources that they not only need, but they also want.



Pastors have been facing immense pressure over the last two years.  At every turn, they are being pushed and pulled in many directions.  Their profession is unique in that that their work, spiritual walk, personal life and relationships are all enmeshed.

That’s why, this year, in pastor appreciation month,  I reached out to talk to Marty Sawyers, of Full Strength network to talk about Caring for ministry leaders.  

Although Marty is a CEO and president of  Full strength now, he is no stranger to the ministry.   For 10 years he was executive pastor of a church in Arizona. 

Looking back Marty wishes he took the opportunity to seek out counselling.

“Counselling is not only for those who are in crisis. It can be so much more.  Had I been in counselling I would have been a better leader, a better husband and father and a better executive pastor.”

Marty points out that as athletes grow in their skills they engage in more coaching and counselling. Counselling is not seen as a weakness or something to be ashamed of, but as an opportunity for professionals to improve their skills.   

It’s time for ministry leaders to change their mindsets about coaching and counselling.  

Coaching and counselling are opportunities to improve your skills. 

Full Strength Network is A membership program for pastors and ministry leaders to get the coaching, counseling and resources they need and want.  They offer safe affordable support for ministry leaders in 3 different ways. 


Affordable Counseling

Technology has now allowed us to access counsellors from accross North American that specializes in supporting ministry leaders  Get confidential guidance that you need from licenced professionals who have been screened.  


Practical Coaching 

Discover full strength in wellbeing in areas like richer spiritual health, deeper relationships, and increased leadership capacity through a customized plan to tackle the areas of your life where you most need help.


Resources & Check-ins

Have access to a variety of resources and tools focused on the 6 areas of wellbeing, as well as downloadable resources including a daily mindfulness check-in app. to help you monitor your wellbeing. 









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