Women have contributed much to the ministry of the Church throughout its history.  And regardless of your position on women in ministry, there’s no doubt that God’s perfect plan included women and he has gifted many with leadership skills. 

Kadi Cole joins the podcast this week and shares her experience growing up in conservative America and navigating life as she hones her leadership skills.    


Don’t lose hope even when you’re “in the trenches” of caregiving in your personal life

  • Caregiving is not about caring for children but also caring for elderly parents, or family who are chronically ill 
  • The Lord is trustworthy in directing our path. 
  • “The limitations that I was most frustrated with were the guardrails that kept me on the right path.”


Transitioning into Leadership, with a heart of a caregiver 

  • Exploring a variety of opportunities that strengthen leadership 
  • Being faithful in the job God is given to you. 
  • Taking promotions and opportunities despite women having careers not being a goal or expectation. 


Caregiving isn’t always soft and sensitive, it can look different 

  • Leadership is rooted in Jesus’ example, which is being a servant
  • The best Caregiving is tough and sometimes calls people up more than helps them out. 


What propelled you to write Developing Female Leaders?

  •  After 20 years of working in leadership in one of the fastest-growing churches in America,  Kadi was being called into conversations and asked to consult with other leaders on how to develop their female leaders. 
  • Kadie joins Leadership Network and after significant research on how to honour churches the efforts and yet help do a better job at supporting female leaders. 


How churches can empower female leaders?

  •  Highlight the opportunities, not the limitations
  • Stain glass ceiling:  Systems of structures that block women from growing into leadership
  • Stick Floors: Those internal dialogues that women have with themselves about their inability to do things. Not based on truth


How can women bridge the conversation if they are feeling the call to lead?

  • Once you know who you are in Christ and who you were made to be by Christ, there is freedom. 
  • “Don’t apologize for who you are, because apologizing is saying God made you wrong.”
  • Knowing your gifts and who are the people you are called to are the two most important aspects of knowing your calling.  



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