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Female leadership in different areas of life is not a walk in the park. It is filled with complexities and on top of all the other roles women have from wife, mother, and daughter to many more, leading a group of individuals makes the path narrower for them, especially in the church.

However, the challenges they may face along their path are usually a stepping stone towards the next level in their life, and with the guidance of God and fellow leaders, they can lead with ease.

Melissa Mashburn is a testament to all the highs and lows of female leadership and she shared with us in this episode how she was able to overcome each challenge she faced enabling her to write out a guide for other female leaders in her book “ Ministry Chick: Find Your Community, Own Your Leadership, Take Your Step!”


In Episode 80 we talk about: 

  • Her introduction to the Christian Faith
  • The leadership roles she has had up to date and how they have shaped her
  • How God has been a guide through each challenge she faced
  • The release of her book



  • “We are all leaders, quiet and bold but we should all do it unto the Lord.”

  • “But God, two favorite words together.”

  •  “If you don’t have a good understanding of who you are in Christ, leadership will wreck you.”

  • “I can come in and do something for now, that doesn’t mean it is my forever ministry.”

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