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It is important to note that the relationship between theology and mental health is complex and influenced by many factors, including cultural, social, and individual differences.

However, as the church, we must look beyond these factors and consider mental health as an important aspect to keenly attend to.

The idea that those struggling with mental health issues are under demonic attack or depression and deserve prayer is not sustainable as it affects growth and healing.


In Episode 81, Reverend Will Van Der Hart shares:  

  • The church’s irregularities in dealing with mental health issues
  • Why mental health is a sign of the need for care in the physical 
  • How the Bible navigated mental health issues



  • “Christians have not found a safe space within the church to express their emotional pain.”

  • “Many Christians fall foul of this theology of religious virtue. It suggests that God causes mental health issues for his divine purposes.”

  •  “The presence of Jesus in my life is fundamental to my psychological well-being.”

  • “God is calling us to live in these bodies, these tents, these places of struggle, and these mines which is sometimes fractured and broken.”

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