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There is a stigma surrounding mental health in church and most times leaders may feel like they are not adequately equipped to speak on issues surrounding mental health however that is contrary to the truth.

For as long as anyone breathes, they have at least faced a mental health crisis and most times all they needed in return was support and guidance resulting in them reaching out to the church.

In this episode, I highlight a resource that can be of great use to leaders to highlight mental health. Mental Health Sunday is a resource or tool that will equip you and your team to host a Sunday or series on Mental Health.  

I share about how its different sections and how each one is adequately equipped to help you as a leader spread a message on mental health to your church.



  • “There is no requirement for a specific message to be given on Mental Health Sunday.

  • “ The words you speak from the pulpit can bring light and life to all those who listen.”

  • “If you breathe you experience mental health struggles.  No one is immune.”

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