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Depression can be an incredibly isolating experience.
Giving it a voice allows those who are suffering to find validation and realize that they are not alone. When people with depression hear others sharing similar experiences, it can provide a sense of connection and understanding.

And when they are not given an audience it can affect their perception of different aspects as shared by Monica A. Coleman in this episode.

As a survivor of sexual violence, Monica struggled with trauma and depression however she did not allow that to define her and used her experience as a testament to growth in order to inspire others struggling with depression.



In Episode 87, writer, speaker, clergy minister, and scholar Monca A. Coleman shares:

  • Her growth journey from a curious Christian to her current roles
  • Her experience as a survivor of sexual violence
  • What led her to write Not Alone
  • How leaders can be accommodative with those dealing with depression



  • “It’s a suggestion that when you believe in God you are not stressed yet it is not true.”

  • “If you love something and you lose it, it hurts.”

  • “Nothing can separate you from the love of God.”

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